Cfai Mocks

I am finding the CFAi mocks quite challenging…barely managed a 65%

which ones did u do so far?

I took 1 2014 CFai mock today . I did 5 Schweser mocks and one mock from Elan

i just took the first mock (not march) got 60 AM and 78 pm. Can anyone opine on the difficulty of the AM section? what i have been reading is that CFAI mocks are pretty difficult

Also did one last week and got 65%. It was quite challengind but we’re 5% away from a Pass and 4 weeks to go. Seems doable with proper discipline and rigor.

65% still have chance to pass:)

I completed CFA march mock exam, got 77% for both AM and PM. I did really terrible at ethics and econs.

Is march mock easier than the first mock?

Keep at it. I remember last year scoring around a 55% on the CFAI mock two weeks before the exam and feeling devastated. Just continue to use the experience to add knowledge. I was able to pass the exam with only derivatives under 50%

Thanks Dipset - what are your thoughts on the level of difficult of the mocks vs actual exam?