CFAI morning mocks only?

I’m about to start my morning mock session run and I have time for about 8.

My plan was to just focus on 8 of the mocks from past CFA exams. Bad strategy?

Should I just do 4 of cfa and then do 4 from another company?

I’d go with the CFA mocks and mix in a few mark meldrum’s mocks if you have time.

100% agree. At the end of the day, I think doing as many as possible can’t hurt

Have been doing a mix of the schweser and CFAI mocks. 3 more CFAI mocks to do over the coming weeks mixed in with CFAI question bank online to drill areas of weakness. Plan to go back and redo some of the AM mocks nearer the time.

Hi to everyone! Is it good idea to start practicing essays based on past exam papers without first reviewing the material first? I’ve recently finished reading books only once but don’t feel that I remember anything. Is it better to review all books and then practice essays or mocks? What do you think about quality/usefulness of Finquiz mocks? Shall I buy them? What are the best mocks among third party providers? Thanks!

retaker here. would strongly suggest CFAI mocks. but schweser mocks are good too. i would say schweser mocks are harder than CFAI mocks, but for the wrong reasons. questions very ambiguous, dont know what they’re asking. would also highly recommend S2000’s essay grading service.

Where do you find the mocks from before the ones available on CFA website?

S2000 Magician has a grading service? Wow didn’t even know, could use the help (re-taker here too, did terribly in the essay paper last time)

Just Google it and you will find them. I would warn you though that the older ones may not be as helpful as the format/structure is different from say 10+ years ago. I would say review those as a primer so you understand what they are looking for answer format/structure wise and then do the ones from the last 10 years. IFT provides a quick recap of which questions (or parts of questions) from past exams are still relevant to this year’s exam.