CFAI Official Question Bank

I’ve been solving the Level 3 practice questions on the CFAI website, and when I couldn’t understand the solution to one of the questions, I decided to google it and see if it had been addressed on a forum such as this one. Turns out it had. However, the source of the question on that particular forum post cited an official mock exam, as opposed to the practice section of the website. This is a bit worrying, because I do not wanna end up solving all the practice questions on the website, get to the mocks, and then realize that I’ve already come across most of the questions.

Here’s my question : To all those who have taken the official level 3 mocks, is there significant overlap between the questions contained therein, and the ones on the practice section of the website?


I will not surprised to see some of the old mock exams to be re-used as the current CFAI online practice questions if the content or LOS still stay relevant in current curriculum. As long as the questions you see are still related to the current LOS,I guess there is no harm to practice on them as well.

Thanks for the response. As long as they are questions from older mock exams, that’s okay. My actual concern was that they shouldn’t be from the current mock exams, since that would make the mock exam somewhat redundant.