CFAI online exam 2- Credit Risk of Swap

Trident enters into receive fix pay float swap that has MV (468,000). Answer was he’s short the swap with negative MV. Receive Fix = Short? Thanks.

heh, i got tripped on this question too. It seems like it

I was just trying to figure out how to unpost. Page 47 of volume 5. Nuts.

I just took this exam and I read the line like 5 times and I thought it didnt even say he was the receive fix pay float. How did you know he was receive fix pay float? How’d you do on the exam?

I didn’t like that question either!

I got a 66%, missed a couple stupid ones though. It said in the problem that he was rcv fix pay float. How did you do? The only post I could find had CSK at like 80%.

For the first ethics question I thought you were only allowed to share client info if that co-worker was working on the deal and/or with the client? It said the co worker was in the dept but not working on the deal. Answer said something about providing better service.

You can share in the same department. I think there was even a question on the free sample test that had a buy (sell?) side analyst talking to the IPO department about current trends and that was ok.

Really I swear I read you can only share info on a client if the co worker is working with client/deal and is on a need to know basis. Anyhow that must be how it is since that was the correct answer on sample ii. thanks.