CFAI online sample exams--worth it?

For those who passed Level 3, how do you like these sample exams offered on the CFAI website? Are they worth the money? I’m a returning Level 3 taker and I’ve never taken any of these. Your response will be much appreciated.

Good question - one that I’m also keen on asking (as a repeating L3 student). If there aren’t any graduated L3 respondents, then perhaps the successful L2 folks who used the CFAI L2 online exams last year can give some input.

CFAI L2 online exams last year were certainly useful. Their difficulty was comparable to the actual exam and helps you assess your level of preparedness.

Level 2 exams were worth it. I scored 40 - 60% on all 5 of the practice exams last year. Worth the $250 I spent on the 5 practice exams.

Take them all. Last year there were questions on the online exams that were very similar to real exam questions. There were also questions on the online exams that were suggestive of topics that were on the real exam. Don’t worry about doing well on the online exams. But, learn from your mistakes so you don’t botch the real exam. The formula for success is to discover your weaknesses and pound away at them. Practice tests exist to uncover your weaknesses. Take the BSAS too.


Boston Security Analyst Society or somethign like that…

the BSAS was fantastic for level I (by far the best practice exam as to how close it was to the actual), horrible for level II (much harder than the actual exam). any idea how good the level III one is?

BSAS was terrible for L2 last year.

Going against the grain here but I took a couple of the lv2 ones and found them to be decent, but not great. I didn’t think they represented the actual exams that closely. IMO, Book 6 > Book 7 > CFI tests > QBank May also be biased because I think it is a blatant cash grab to charge $50 for a partial exam.

Wait, so you would rate Scheweser practice tests over CFI tests? Damn…