CFAI online sample exams

those of you who’s taken these before, when you buy it, do you have to take it right away? it says there’s a 120 mins limit on each exam, but it doesn’t say whether you have to take the exam as soon as you buy it, or is it saved to your account and you can take it whenever you want?

No, you have to be ready to take it before you make purchase. You have 48 hours to complete the sample exam.

I took one last weekend to get a feel. You have only 2 hours working on the exam including looking at the answers. It has only 60 problems so it is probably Ok for most people. You can pause it though.

even if you pause it, the clock still ticks no? like they only give you 120 mins, if you can pause it and pause the clock, then you can take say 5 hrs to do it so long as you paused for enough time, in this case 3 hours? or that was a joke?

when I paused it, the clock stopped completely. Kmowing the CFAI, I am sure they time you out a some point though.

If you can’t pause to read the answer explanations, how detailed is the answers at the end that you are allowed to print? Can you save screen shots of the test?

No screen shots or print features at all. You can pause to read the answer–I jotted down notes on questions that I missed and/or guessed on. At the end, you can print off all the answers. It has the LOS that the question came from, a description of the LOS, and then the correct answer and why. Most of the answers look similar to Q-Bank answers.

For screen shots, I believe you would have to use the Ctrl+Prt Scrn function --> and then Ctrl+C onto a Word document which you have to keep running in the background. After each CTRL+C operation, remember to hit the Enter button – so you do not override a previous screen shot with the new one. I have not taken any online exams this time round, and I did not take any last time either, but friends who had used the online exams the last time round used this technique. CP

I was hoping so, otherwise I was going to have my digital camera next to me as I take the test and just snap a pic myself. :slight_smile:

The better way to do it is hold Alt and press the Print Screen button while selecting the window with the information you want. That will take a screen shot of just the window with the information instead of the entire screen.

guys!!! shhhhh, we’re spreading illegal information here, CFA will be after us accusing violations of VII A…or I D…

Liaaba, thats standard V (a) of the code of ethics

well, it’s not an investment recommendation, so V A. doesn’t really apply, if anything, it’ll be more misconduct…cos you’re infringing the law…

Only if I try and sell it or pass it around I believe.

I took a CFA practice exam last week. I scored 70%…but I finished with about 60 minutes remaining on the clock. Maybe if I took my time, could be up to maybe 75%, but some questions if you don’t know then you don’t know. The format is definitely different than schweser.