CFAI online sample questions

Can anyone provide any feedback regarding the benefits of working on the sample CFA question that are on the CFAI website? I didn’t do any of them for level I but passed. Just wanted to know if anyone who has taken level II noticed a direct benefit come exam time from these questions…


Think of them as an additional mock, they are actually taken from previous years mock exams so they are as real as it gets… I suggest you go through them multiple times till you can get 6/6 every time… how the answer is calculated

I can recommend those. Very useful and quite a lot of them for the important topics (especially FRA and Equity).

Yep I’d definitely recommend doing all available online CFAI questions multiple times! They are usually a touch harder than the real exam questions so if you can do well on them, you can feel relatively confident for the exam in my opinion.

Agreed with all. Immense benefit. Do them all, and pour over the solutions to any you guessed on or got wrong.

Yes, I did them twice.

Thanks everyone for the advice…sounds like these are a must to implement into my study plan. I’m glad I asked the question!