CFAI online samples

For those who have taken them, where are you guys scoring on these? And how would you say they are for guaging where you stand at 3 weeks out?

56 on sample 1. I’m going to fail.

66 on Sample 1…about what I expected at this point. For what it’s worth, as other people have mentioned, not really enough questions to be statistically significant. Especially given it’s not very representative of the essay questions.

83% on each only got 70% on the mock. i didnt think the samples were too bad.

impressed with that score esp for the second one…

Any re-takers able to comment on what they think of the samples? I can’t recall if the consensus thought it was too hard, too easy, or just right?

the exam is funny …multiple choice afternoon will be a welcome relief after the brutality that is the morn exam… dont underestimate the nerves factor in the morn …how does it compare to the sample exam …truth is i remember nothing from the afternoon session

3 weeks ago, sample 1: 76.7 50 % on ethics still enough time to learn or forget