CFAI or invest in study materials?

Hi, My background is in engineering and I have signed up for CFA level 1 in June 2009. Please give me some advice on whether I need to invest in some extra study materials such as the Schweser notes? FYI, I’m working full time in research and engineering field currently, which means I have zero knoledge about finance except for an econs module taken more than 5yrs ago. Thank you. :slight_smile:

There are many threads on this please search. But my two cents, given your background you may need schweser in addition to CFA materials.

thanks for u advice. :slight_smile: Actually I have read many threads abt study materials but in this forum but couldn’t find one that specifically mention one that’s suitable for someone like me without financial background and not working in the financial sector. Although I did find one that says CFA is do-able for engineering grads. Which sort of assured me that I’m not doomed yet. Haha

In my opinion it’s more important to invest in a large multiple-choice question bank than it is to invest in supplementary notes Coming from a mathematics background I found that CFAI did a great job with their textbooks and supplementary notes were unnecessary.

Thanks!! :slight_smile: Btw, I read that the system requirement for the QBank from Schweser requires Windows OS as well as Internet Explorer which means I cannot buy the CD edition. I am wondering whether the online QBank can be accessed through the Safari browser from a Mac? Has anyone tried that before?

Veggie, I use Firefox on my Mac to access QBank and have never had a problem. I don’t know if it works with Safari but if it doesn’t, you can always download Firefox.

Thanks for the info Chasinggoats. :wink:

I’ve used Opera Mini on my phone to access the Qbank - the only thing that doesn’t work is the timer. That was good when out and about.

They are enough

Thank you for everyone advice. :wink: