CFAI or Schweser for Level 1 dec 2015?


80% of the CFA guys I know, recommend me to study from SCHWESER notes not CFAI for june 2015. But a famous teacher for CFA told to his students that now CFAI is very important and schweser notes would not be enough to prepare for CFA Level 1. I am not the type of guy who mostly reads books to learn my thing is practice. Infact I dont have a good habbit read much. Please help me in making a decision.

CFAI books


Schweser (level 1 june 2013)

Will schweser be enough ?

Whats that extra edge ill get if I study from CFAI books?


Schweser-level 1 2015 will be enough. use CFAI for end of chapter questions. do practice questions and CFAI and schweser mocks. using 2 year old books is risky.

Ethics only from CFAI ( thats what i did).

As I retook level 1 exam several times, I would say that in my case the best (winning) strategy was to read CFAI material and practice as much as you can. In my opininon Schweser is good only for late revision. And I really enjoyed video class with Dr. Holmes.