CFAi - paid $100 but only got to do part 1 mock exam?

i opted for the buy 2 mock for $100 option but so far has only completed a 120q set?! I thought there is supposed to be 2 (120q each) exams?! so i have done part 1 but can’t find the link for part 2!

I noticed the same thing in the website. Though I have not paid, saw that only one link was present while I tried to buy. :frowning: I did not buy then.

this is such a rip off honestly! =(

Its written in the website tat the part 2 will come as a prepaid automated. Someone can care to explain tat.

I saw mine just fine when I went back in and clicked in the upper right corner for Mock exam. It is an option to click on at the bottom. I know some others had trouble getting it, email the Institute and they fix it for you.

reg Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > this is such a rip off honestly! =( I’m sure it’s a technical issue. Get support to fix it.

Happened to me too. I emailed yesterday morning and am waiting for a response

Can I buy it today and then make sure I see the two links? Or do I have to take it right after I buy it? I am afraid that If i buy it on Thursday, if the 2nd exam doesn’t show up then I might not have time to do it on Friday.

After you take the first test, you go back to the site and its not there? Go to the drop down box in the top right Select mock exams:Buy Both (2) $100_Includes Part 2 Now the part 2 should show up in the yoru exams and assesments section on the bottom right Dont click it until you’re ready to take it, or you will have to cancel and then you must take it in the next 48 hours I guess that wouldnt be so bad, because the test is only 114 hrs away 6/2/2008 15:16 Right Now 6/7/2008 9:00 Test 113.72 Hours

correction: exams and assesments section is on the bottom left

Hi everyone, Could anyone please clarify this, I heard that Mock exams on CFAi website don’t come with answers? or is it that they don’t provide explanations? Thanks,

They provide the question without the answer. After you do the questions and click completed, you are provided with a PDF with the answers. Of course since you can’t go back to the questions, you have to have a photographic memory or come up with some other method of remembering each question to read the specific answer.

Thanks Meazza. Does anyone have the answers for Mock exam 1 & 2? If anyone does, please help out a fellow candidate. Many thanks.

You need to make selection in the drop down on the top right corner for the test to show up in your list. Try this before you email the institute.