CFAI pass year: FSA contribute more than half?

Hi peers, I’m newbie. I have been told by one of my friend that FSA have more than half question in CFA pass year. I have never come across with any pass year paper before. I need to clarify on this matter. As it is important for me even us to put weightage for this topic. If it is not true, do eveyone knows the level of importance for each topic? I need to alocate my time to those “important” topics. Many thanks. Cheers.

I found something in Kaplan website. It is quite useful. % Ethical : 15 Quantitative : 12 Eco : 10 FSA : 20 CF : 8 Equity Inv : 10 Fixed Income : 12 Derivative : 5 Alternative Inv : 3 Portfolio mngmt : 5 Total : 100 Is there any1 has different from this?

go to they have mentioned everything in much detail