CFAI post exam survey

Anybody else received an email to complete post-exam survey - I’m basically being asked in different ways how difficult/easy I thought the exam was.

It just came to my mailbox.

Yeah, it says “randomly selected”. Wonder what % of candidates got it


^^ It’s just a technique which makes respondents feel they are special. I bet they sent the email to all candidates.

I got it last year but nothing this year. They do take your feedback into account because in my city they moved the exam location because I think everyone would have complained about the desk space at the previous location.

i got it

Got it…

Did not get it

Got it

Use it as an opportunity to petition for the introduction of a December test slot for Level 2.

I got it last year, this year - nothing frown

Where have you been Aliandr ??

I got it this year (L2), but not last year (L1).

Got and just reply it.

Are we allowed to discuss specifics of the exam in the post-exam survey? Would saying “Topic A being too difficult and not relevant in the real investment world, CFA Institute can consider framing the question differently and asked this and that”, and “Topic B had too many unnecessary quantitative calculations” be ok?

Interesting question… I wasn’t sure and deciced not to write anything about topic weightings or specific questions. That might (or may surely) be a bit silly, but I wanted to be on the safe side and not to act against any CFA Ethics code.

I got it.

They specifically asked for your in-depth opinions/comments on the exam though, and I think it is fair to express your honest thoughts. I mean after all, they are doing this to continually improve the quality of future exams.

I haven’t submitted my response yet. I don’t plan to specifically address individual questions, but I *THINK* it is safe to express your comments on a bigger scale when asked - this is for the L3 exam btw. I think there should be disclosure statements on the survey, at least giving you a guideline of what you can or cannot say etc.

Would any charterholders be able to comment on this?

Come on, don’t be so paranoid! I personnaly made the choice to express myself without having the feeling of being in a violation.

Anyway, anyone is free to say what he want to say so…