CFAI Practice - going downhill

My scores on the online CFA practice exams (in order of how I took them): 1: 71% 5: 73% 2: 80% 3: 68% I’m saving the last one for Thursday. How can I get an 80% on one test and fail another? Brutal.

DUDE i just took one CFAI exam, the 3rd one, and got 58% so you can guess how that makes me feel. i’m not sure what to do

Well, if I’m any indication, take another and maybe you’ll get an 80%

I took my 3rd test yesterday, it was pretty tricky. Bombed ethics.

Smarshy, which one would you advise I take? the easier 1,2,4, or the harder 5?

Smarshy, the third one was a lot harder than the rest. I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

Sounds like you need a confidence boost. I’d go with #2.

$50 is an expensive confidence boost LAWL

I think I’d throw down another $1000 for the feeling that I would pass this thing. Does Schweser sell that yet?

i wish i was an i-banker sometimes, then the CFA or the expense wouldn’t matter anymore… no, schweser couldn’t possibly sell that seeing the way they make the book 6 questions. i’ll probably solve CFAI exam 2 tomorrow, and then exam 5 on tuesday…

Why would being an ibanker matter? I’m an i-banker, and this matters still to me…

smarshy, your cfa online scores look almost identical to mine last june, execpt i took all 5 and my lowest score was a 60. that really freaked me out. the 60-80 range drove me crazy and never let me feel super confident going into the test. not sure if it makes you feel better, but i passed. good luck to all of you guys next week.

cfasf1 - thanks for that, it does make me feel better, and I’m so glad you included the “and I passed” part, because as I was reading it I was about to stab myself with my pencil if you wrote “and I failed”. Congrats to you and I hope LII is going well.

simple answer - massive exit and comp. options with no “requirement” for the CFA, as MBA will suffice for progression. i want to be in asset management/equity research which i have seen sorta requires MBA/CFA in combo optimally to get anywhere in that industry group. thats my assessment after doing equity research/investment consulting for a year; atleast for intnl. candidates in the US.

How can we review the test that we have taken already. It gave me a score and that was that, i want to review it. Help anyone?

There’s no help to be given, it is what it is, I’m afraid. There’s no going back. Some people print out each screen as they finish each question (I wish I had done that)

Smarshy maybe we can share the screen shots with other people, when we take the next exam, that would help us all.

not to rain on your parade or anything guys, but I’d be careful with the whole sharing thing. just a thought…

I agree, that’s murky water