CFAI Practice Questions

How does the ranking system work for the CFAI online practice questions?

My buddy has answered correctly 70% and his ranking is 62% while I’ve answered correctly 69% and my ranking is 91%. Quite the discrepancy.

We haven’t done the same topics though, so is it possible that the system weights answers differently or is there some other calculation method that can explain the difference?

Right this moment I’m at 88% with 75% correct. I have answered 294 of 414 questions.

I’m sure you are compared to the others separately for each topic and you can check yourself on the ‘home’ tab. There is a line from beginner to expert level topic by topic and your performance is rated on that.

Better to just keep track of your correctly answered % because the ranking is not informative at all. I’m doing the questions topic by topic after a thorough review of the subject first so my 75% correct is nowhere from where I’ll need to be on exam day.

Plus by the end I plan to reset and do the questions again.