CFAI Qbank Percentile

Is it just me, or does there seem to be a disconnect here?

Given the questions I have populated answers for on CFAI Qbank, I show an average score of 70% correct (My test center was cancelled for December, so I am writing in May).

With the 70% average correct, it shows my percentile as 24th percentile currently. When you scroll over the information tab on the website, it says “99 is the BEST percentile” —

Obviously in the industry, a fund being in 99th percentile is the worst, not the best. Is a score of 70% really in the bottom quartile of candidates? Or does CFAI have this backwards on the site?

The % of questions you complete is a factor as well. You’ve most probably got a fair few more questions to answer

That makes a little bit more sense. Thanks!