CFAI Question Bank Difficulty

Hi guys,

Calling on level 3 candidates and charter holders - what are your thoughts on the difficulty of the CFAI online question bank? I have been doing some of the ECO’s questions and finding them intense! Compared to the actual exam in difficulty?

Qbank is much harder.

okay - then I will use the test bank as a learning tool rather than a testing tool as I am currently failing the test. lol

agreed. CFAI mocks and qbank are sooo much harder, but a great way to really check your understanding.

Actual exam (atleast one session) was much tougher than cfai qb and mocks for 2019 and you can believe that. I used to 70-80% in mocks and qb but one session of the exam went extremely hard.

Would you suggest we keep QBank questions for review at the end or also do some questions immediately after we cover a chapter?

End of chapter questions are a good way to sharpen skills, but yes…they are easier than the actual test content. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do them, however. The online question bank will have the links between different topics an readings that candidates must be aware of at level 2. And, they are notably harder than the end of chapter questions too.

Do at the end all together. But try to do atleast two times for better preparation.

Harder than the actual exam except FAR in 2019 (I got 80’s on the qbank but 50 on the exam). EOC q’s most closely matched the exam difficulty (I averaged 70 when I passed and calculated my exam score to be 70 as well).

thanks Matt, going through the Q’s on the CFAI bank slowly as to a learning tool rather than a testing tool.