CFAI Question Bank

Guys, Any updates on the official CFAI practice questions? Last I remember, they were slated to be released in Oct/November. Working on pensions right now from the CFAI book…I “think” I’m getting it now… but boy is it a sucker!!! Best of luck.

You’ll see it said on this forum time and time again, that the QBank is really useless at L2. I had a hard time believing that because I relied so heavily on it at L1 so I used it for a while (maybe the first two months of studying) for daily practice. But the questions are so poorly written, they have very few vignettes (practice with those are crucial), and they seem to test very simple concepts like definitions, rather than the more difficult material. Use your own judgment, but I found after quite some time that the QBank was, in fact, ALMOST useless. I did use it for 20 Ethics questions per day over the last two months.

I think he is talking about the CFAI question bank, which I am also excited about!

@ cgottuso8190: You’re right about the Schweser Qbank…it sucks! I was actually referring to the (more reliable) CFAI official practice questions which are due to be released soon. @ iamMichael: Yup, I can’t wait to get my hands on these…wonder how many non-AFs will get to know about it…CFA hasn’t done a good job marketing it to candidates yet. Thanks!

Hopefully it will be free as well!

I immediately assumed practice questions meant QBank, my bad - I was actually unaware that CFAI is now providing practice questions…in addition to the EOC’s and Blue/Grey Boxes?