CFAI R31 EOC #6 (Two-bond Hedge) V4 p189

I’m having trouble getting the same values as the CFAI solution. In particular, when they calculate the percentage of price changes for the 2 year and the 10 year notes, they get values that don’t match mine. Price of 2-year bond = 106.650 Price for increase in yield = 106.122 Price for decrease in yield = 107.300 So to calculate the price change I did: (106.122 - 106.650)/106.650 = -0.495% They say its -0.528% Also, all of my other percentages are off. Am I missing something here? I also can’t get the values they use in their example in the text.

106.122-106.65 = -.528

ah, thanks… didn’t know it was just a straight up change in price. now this is a lay-up.

Yeah, it can get tricky with the wording.