CFAI Reading 59, Question 10

Looking at the solution, I see a mysterious 4.68% for the FRA, though we just calculated it as 4.28%. Is this a typo or am I missing something? Thanks!

it is provided in the body of the text… (or the question).

That is correct, I remember doing that question, I believe they gave the FRA rate as 4.68% or something like that. I can remember the implied forward rate being less than the FRA rate so if u locked in at the FRA rate you would lose

Could someone please look at that question again? the answer makes no sense. the calculated FRA rate is 4.29, and its provided in the the answer to number 9. but then, they compare the 180 spot of 4.48 to a 4.68 which appears out of nowhere. bastards!

4.68 is stated in teh question. look before you curse!!!

^agree w/ CPK. I almost got slipped up over this question as well. Always gotta be aware.

definitely provided in the body of the question