CFAI readings or Schewser readings

I’d like to know which chapters are covered well in CFAI text vs Schweser, and which are covered well in Schweser vs CFAI. For instance I read chapter on Equity valuation concepts from CFAI and it took me 2 hrs to finish reading it. Where as to do the same thing in schweser it only took less than 30 minutes. and at the end of it I realized schwer pretty much covers everything for this chatper. So someone provide the most valuable readings to do in CFAI… cuz it is TIME EATER and time is something i have no more.

any idea or suggestions will be helpful… finding myself in a hole right now trying to read everything from cfai is just now working out :(( just want to know what part chaps are good to read from cfai from coverage/knowledge/exam perspective.

PM is recommended from CFAI pepp…also I’d say LOOK at CFAI for FI, the flow is better there trust me.

pepp, u are better off preparing for the June 2010 Level 2 exam - if you are asking these types of questions for the exam that’s coming up in 40-something days, there is no way you are going to pass (except by random luck)

Ouch…but I’d kinda agree with sublimity on this. Man, you really lay it down hard…

true, but what is even worse is to lead someone into false hopes and have them waste their time and emotional resources i am not making any judgments as to pepp’s ability - just that this is the reality of the situation as i see it from the battlefield of CFA study

Can Schweser do for Derivatives?

Hey - Schewser does well for all but readings 60&61. I would suggest read the CFAI readings there…

Ethics is def. for CFAI. PM, I have heard many times over that CFAI is reccomended. I have gone through PM once in schweser, but am considering reviewing it again with the CFAI texts. There still is ample time left if you are comfortable in other areas or at least have reviewed problems and what not in other sections. Fine tuning comes with taking the tests IMO.

sublimity: a) I am not hoping I’d make it, but I am goign to give it the best shot I got. I’ve paid for it. I am going to sit for it. and If i fail, i’ll consider whatever I studied as the preparation for next year. b) Let me tell you, if I do pass, (i highly doubt myself at my current state), but rest assured it won’t be cuz of SHEER RANDOM LUCK. you do the math for someone passing on luck. c) there are 45 days left, and I have about 59 readings to go. out of the 45 days take out 7 days for review and 1 day for ethics. That leaves me with 37 days for 51 readings. Yes its tough and almost impossible to do from CFAI that’s why I was asking where I should focus on cfai text. And I realize most of the difficulty arises cuz of tough chapters in Derivatives/FI/PM. My goal is to do whatever I can and just go for it - at this point its too late to do anything thoroughly. Plan on finishing reading 36 and reading 55 today post work (going to start at 9p and paln on going straight till 2a) . Schweser or CFAI – any suggestions?

given that you’re on a limited time constraint, I would shoot for allocating the remainder of your study time based on topic weights for the exam (i.e - focus more on equity and FSA then portfolio management and quant). Sure, having a good understanding of all topics is ideal, but I also know that juggling around topics in the hopes of seeing everything will leave only bits and pieces from each that will have you scratching your head. I’d shoot for Schweser for the remainder of your study, leaving Ethics for CFAI (as many have suggested). The end of chapter questions in Schweser give a reasonable amount of info that when you practice, should give you a better than average understanding of the topic, IMO.

pepp, just use Schweser. Period. You need to squeeze every last second of your time into efficient preparation. CFAI is far from efficient. Thorough, yes. But efficient, no. So use Schweser, drill qbank, and pray to the gods for the best.

One month gone and still 35 readings to go? How are you guys doing?

One month gone and still 35 readings to go!1 How are you guys doing?

You should get the videos I think and watch it. like watching a movie. that’s the quickest way I can think of to get 35 readings into your head before exam day. still 11 days to go. it’s 26th of May here.