CFAI Readings VS Schweser Notes Readings

Is it just me or are the CFAI readings appear to be better written, more comprehensive, and a better source at learning the material than the Kaplan Schweser Notes Readings. The CFAI stuff just reads better to me, and makes better sense.

Kind of confusing because of all this talk about who has the best test prep. The best thing to do is probably just safe the money on test prep materials and just use the CFAI stuff.

That said, I’m already 1/3 of the way done with the Schweser material using their Schwesr Notes readings and I seem to be doing an okay job on their QBank questions. I will go back to the CFAI readings on my weak areas once I make it through the entire set of readings. I did use CFAI readings already however for prerequisite materials.

I felt the same way.

CFAI readings are lengthy but are better written. Even though it takes time to go through the material, one reading is sufficient for most topics.

I tried Schweser ​​​​​but had to re-read most topics. While the content is less, it skips over some essential material that is required for proper understanding. If i were you, I would drop Schweser and use only the curriculum provided you have sufficient time.

For tricky topics, you can follow Mark Meldrum’s videos. For Level 1, they are available on YouTube for free. He is conceptually clear and extremely useful for quant heavy subjects such as fixed income and derivatives.

Based on my experience, If you are comfortable with most EOC CFAI questions, you should do reasonably well in the exam.