CFAI really surprised me

A lot of ppl here said we need to wait for aound 1 month to pass the work exprience check. I submitted my member application yesterday(upgrade from affiliate member to regular member) and prepared to check the status 1 month later. But what supprised me is i received the not approved mail today.It is only one night and they gave me the result. What happened in CFAI?

I think they get the most volume at the beginning of the month since they round experience up to the month, so most people will submit their then. Because of the Holidays and the level 3 exam is still 7 months there are not a lot of people submitting their work experience. I think because you submitted your experience during the middle of a month, near a holiday and months away from the CFA l3 exam, they got to your application quickly. The delay isn’t with the CFAI (the longest it’s taken me to hear back from them is 2 weeks), it’s once the CFAI approves your work the local society then takes their time approving your application.