CFAI response to "What do we put on our resume/linkedin before being awarded the Charter"


You can refer yourself simply as

CFA Charter Pending – Work Experience Requirement


Passed 3 Levels of CFA Program – Currently CFA Charter Pending (membership requirements)


Adrian Lim l Member Services l CFA Institute l +1 (434) 951- 5499 tel

Cool, thanks!

What if you are already a regular member?

WTF? I thought they got rid of the “charter pending.” I think he’s mistaken. Nowhere in the curriculum that states “charter pending” from what I recall. They even removed that phrase from the Web site (it was in their FAQ).

What’s the hurry? I began to study two years ago for the designation. Some poor fellows have been studying years if the skipped or did not pass at first attempt…Waiting three weeks to get the confirmation letter is suddenly too much? I’ll be damned if I cannot postpone LinkedIn updates for a while…

What makes you think he’s mistaken? He works at the CFA institute. His job is to give accurate responses. I trust the kid.

I still have ~ 2 years of work experience left to get the charter.

It’s a head scratcher for me, because all my work has already been approved, I’m already a full regular member, I paid already, and I passed L3 yesterday.

Granted, but perhaps he has outdated info? Why is that nowhere in the curriculum that this is mentioned when it’s such a commn question? In addition, it WAS in the FAQ , but now removed?

Charter Pending is definitely NOT acceptable. See correspondence below from CFA Institute:

_"If a candidate has passed all three levels of the CFA Program, they are permitted to state on their resume, CV, and social media sites: “Passed all three levels of the CFA Program [date optional], and may be awarded the charter upon completion of the required work experience.” “Charter Pending” is not acceptable._For more information about how to properly identify your status in the CFA Program, please consult the Standards of Practice Handbook, Standard VII(B), available" More info here.

It is definitely a violation.

By the way, after you meet all the CFA requirements, the CFA Institute Board has to give their final approval. This is done in the first week of September. Thus, you will receive the emails on the second week of September.

Just sent this link to the CFAI for confirmation. They said OP is wrong. Quote below.

“Thank you for your email. I apologize for the mis-information that was provided to you. You may not refer to yourself as ‘Charter Pending.’ You may state: I have passed all three levels of the CFA Program and will be eligible for the CFA charter upon completion of the required work experience.”

Damn Adam is slipping. He’d better check with Kara - I wouldn’t use this - my response from this question I posed to CFAI last year (you’ll get an email when you can use ‘CFA’):

Dear Mr. Jcole21,

Thank you for contacting us. The use of ‘charter pending’ is not acceptable. We recommend ‘I passed all three levels of the CFAprogram and will be eligible for award of the CFA charter upon completion of the required work experience.’ Note that since yourcharter has been awarded, you may use the CFA designation.

Please let me know if I can assist you further.

Regards, Kara Huffman | Client Services Specialist | CFA Institute | 560 Ray C. Hunt Drive | Charlottesville, VA | 22903-0668 USA

Yet the CFAI website shows my status as “CFA Charter Pending”…

That may be their status that they are willing to communicate to you, but it doesn’t mean they are OK with yourself presenting yourself with that wording to the general public, who may interpret things differently.

I think (some) people on here are way too caught up on the word “pending.” It’s OK to use the word pending as long as it’s not misleading. You can’t just say “CFA, charter pending.” But you can say "Passed All 3 Levels of CFA, Charter Pending Approval of Application. That is not a violation if you’ve submitted an application.

Nah dean - you can’t.

Tell you what - put that on your linked in, and send me your profile. I’ll submit to CFAI and see if they do anything.

I’m going to search linked in for Charter Pending and submit a PCP. Why argue and risk this in the face of such clear refutiation? Email them yourselves if you don’t believe us, or wait until I report you.

On CFAI website, my Status says Charter Pending. It’s like their sending us some tricky ethics vignettes even after the exams.

Or you could, you know, not be a dick.