CFAI sample 3

What’d everyone get on sample 3? I just took it and got a 63…killed all the confidence I had remaining from the mock scores. There were some pretty crappy questions I thought, but I made a lot of bad mistakes like forgetting to annualize a premium and mixing up all of the rate parity equations to go 1/6 on econ. Was 6/6 on FSA and 4/6 on everything else. Dangit.

I thought it was harder than I expected, but I also took it when I was pretty tired thinking that it was going to be easier than S2 (oops!) I also made some stupid errors. Econ really hurt me, went 1/6 there as well. Got a 67% if you take that out.

i said this before, but i didn’t think it was an easy test. i think i was mid 60’s as well. don’t worry about it. the mock is more indicative anyway and you did really well on those… don’t let the sample bum you out. you’ll be fine.

thanks. i have this fear that i peaked too soon.

nope. keep pushing.

ng… keep fighting… thinking you peaked early is not a bad problem to have… it means you know this stuff, you just have to relax and really think about each question… Anyway, you have a few days to fine tune your work… you will be fine…