CFAI Sample Exam Score 63%...Wack!

took the free 60 question sample exam and also the $40 sample exam. scored exactly 63% on both which indicates a failure. I am wondering what other people are scoring on these…anyone else care to share scores? if you didnt take the free one i recommend it. its only 60 questions and breaks down your score pretty good. is it time to start panicking?

by the way… I also took Schweser Mock Exam and scored a 61%. But it did say that the average score was 60% (a little encouraging)… anyone else care to show scores on these too? please do.

63% probably isn’t a failure.

I’m on the border, I guess. I scored 71 on the sample exam at the CFA site.

just scored a 68% on a book 6 exam.

i took the free one about 20 days ago… got a 45… looks like i am doomed!

I am right there with you anupam, got a 46% today on the CFA practice exam. You are way ahead of me if you got a 45 20 days ago!!! The only thing I have going is that I got 33% on the ethics which I haven’t tackled yet.

47% haven’t started FSA yet lol

Tried the free sample yesterday - 68%…so disappointing when the screen comes up and says - "Recommended Score - 70%…Passing Score - 70%…you failed this exam! Ouch! Found I made a lot of errors unneccessarily in ethics. Also, scored 100% on the economics section - which I always have trouble with? Anyone else find anything wierd like this?? Did get 71% on the first AM test out of Schweser Vol 1, and 78% on 120 q Q-bank this week…so I am hopefully on track for almost a month left…

I got 58% last saturday, will be doing another one tomorrow

i got 76% in the free sample exam before even joining the CFA institute and before even reading the material. I used what i learned in college. i skipped all etihcs questions and still scored 76%.

76% without studying??? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…

gotta ask it… what college did you go to?

i meant the trial exam that you can print and take before you join the CFA institute the one has like 36 questions. do you know which one i am talking about?

LEVEl I sample questions

this one

ssdnola Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > i meant the trial exam that you can print and take > before you join the CFA institute the one has like > 36 questions. do you know which one i am talking > about? The trial exam on the CFAI website is a joke compared to the level I sample exams. its finance and accounting 101 type stuff. I took it too last fall and thought I knew it all…then I got the CFAI materials and found out I was very wrong.

i am Glad to know that. I studying right now for the exam and i realized that those questions are so easy compared to the ones in study sessions. Anyway, we have to study hard that is the buttom line

But why they are calling them sample questions if they are 101 accounting/finance type. Do not you think it is kinda misleading?

The questions that most resemble the actual questions you will see on exam day are the sample exams and mock exams questions. There are 3 CFAI sample exams (one is free) and two CFAI mock exams. The sample exams and mock exams are completely separate from the free sample trial exam that is listed on CFAI’s website. 3 samples exams (3x60questions=180questions) 2 mock exams (2x120questions=240questions) Total of 420 questions.