CFAI sample exam

Just one question. There are altogether 2 papers for this exam right and can we break after one paper. I heard there is no break…ie if you abandon halfway, you will not be able to complete the exam. Can someone confirm. Thanks.

what paper are you talking about? you can pause the exam

WHAT? IF you finish the morning section with at least a 1/2 hour left you can leave early, but then you have to come back for the afternoon section… You have taken L1 and L2 right, or did you pay someone :slight_smile:

nevermind TOTALLY misunderstood your question, WOW i need a break.

haha…abandon halfway…sounds like a survivors challenge…i guess if you do abandon halfway you’re out of the tribe…

hahahah… i too concluded how come she/he took 2 levels and not know this… then realised my mistake. she is asking about sample. Yes for sample 2 hrs for one exam, you can register only one exam at a time. you can pause(I dont know how it works since I have not tried). I dont know if the time clock will keep ticking or it would sop if you pause.