CFAI sample exams cost?

How many sample exams are there? (I know that there is one free sample exam and two free mock exams) I heard that I can purchase the online sample exams, can anyone explain about this please? Thanks a lot!

There are 3 samples, 1 free and 2 for an additional $40 each. Only one free mock.

I’m not sure if I would waste my money on the additional sample exams with all of the other alternatives out there. I know its from CFAI, so people tend to favor it over other alternatives. In my opinion the sample exams were useless, and the mock wasn’t much better. I found them way to easy and not very well structured. Just my opinion, i’m sure others have had different experiences.

Never heard anything good about CFA mocks. I’d rather read FSA and SPH books (they are 35% of the exam). If you are interested in the mocks, buy them on ebay or ioffer for half of the price (though I havent tried so cant attest to them).

How many others feel the same way as cfacowtown, in that the CFAI mock test is easy. I have only been using Schweser so far, but I thought that CFAI would be the real example of a actual test feel.

I think the samples are worthy… I did the free one 3 weeks ago and got 73%, today I bought another and got 78%, which is what I’m averaging now in Schweser.

I’m on level two, and the mocks in December were level one were well worth the study time. In Dec, it was one free sample and two mock exams that cost money. I took both mocks and I thought they were harder than the real thing. In general i found the practice tests harder than the real exam (but that’s my own experience). You have to view all the practice tests as study guides and not performance evaluations or you will drive yourself nuts the next 10 days.

Even you find CFAI mocks too easy, real exam will most likely be closer in difficulty and question format to the CFAI mocks than to Schweser or Stalla Practice Exams.

If its a choice between hard and easy, i’ll take the harder mock. Better preparation.