CFAI Sample Exams Difficulty

Has anyone attempted the 2 Sample exams on the CFAI website ( the ones that cost $40 each)? What did you think of the difficulty level?

I just did them, and I found them fairly difficult. I got 71% for Sample 1 and 66% for Sample 2, especially the FRA- WOW! I have been consistently scoring in the Mid 70s to Mid 80s for all of the Mocks I have taken (Schweser and CFAI Mocks) so just wanted to gauge other people experiences to the Samples.

I haven’t taken the CFAI purchased ones, but sounds like I should given that you saw them as hard and scored well on Schweser. I scored 76% on the last Schweser mock, so maybe its a good idea to buy the CFAI ones (I’m taking the free CFAI mock on Saturday).

Yeah, I would give them a crack. The FRA i scored 41% and 50% for Sample 1 and 2 respectively, I am usually scoring between 65% to 75% in FRA in the Schweser which is generally my weakest section. So I would definently give it a try, if not just for the FRA. I guess I will be studying a lot more accounting- haha.

Yeah since I have all next week off I’ll probably take the free CFAI mock on Saturday, review Sunday and take a purchased CFAI one on Monday. Filling in the time with CFAI EOC questions. I also have one Schweser mock left (hope to score an 80%+ or I’ll go insane!!! lol)