CFAI Sample Exams

Should I consider them at this point? Is it worth the $$$? Any advice will be appreciated from those who took it in the past or current candidates. thanks

Depends on how much work you have left to do and what other exams you have available. The sample exams are good, but somewhat easier than the mock. If you’ve studied well, then I think they’re good practice for the questions you may get in the CFA exam.

Try one just to get a feel for the quality of the exam questions. I personally didn’t care much for the sample exam, enough to do the others.

@njlevel10610 Please let me know how useful you found them.

I took them both, felt they were ok but to get a true picture you really need to take both and combine your scores to get an idea of your strengths and weaknesses. I will also say there is a mistake on one of the questions in the 2nd exam. I’m a little upset seeing as how I paid for the thing and it only has 60 questions someone should have at least proofread it. In hind sight I just should have saved my money and stuck with the Elan exams, better bang for your buck.

I passed level 1 last June and they were totally worth the money. Make sure you score 100% on them before exam day. To further increase your odds, do the easy EOC questions as level 1 is a test about CBOK and speed. Mrbill: check errata here… Good luck, everybody~

That is the errata for the CFA Mock not the Sample Exams. Glad to see they have it for the mock but I’m still upset there are errors on an electronic exam which could be fixed very easily.

“Make sure you score 100% on them before exam day.” Um, what??