CFAI Sample exams???

I have done three exams so far. Schweser Book 1, Exam 1, AM: 75% Scweser Book 2, Exam 2, PM: 74% CFAI 2009 Mock Exam PM: 83% I plan to take an additional four or five exams (3 hours each)… Two of these will be the 2010 CFAI mock. For the rest I am wondering if I should buy the CFAI sample exams and take them, or just do the Schweser exams (book 1 or book 2). Those that have done the Schweser exams and the CFAI samples, could you recommend which would be best at this stage? Option 1: Do Schweser book1 Option 2: Do Schweser book 2 as it is harder Option 3: Do CFAI samples and Schweser exams Thanks!

I vote for option 3.

Thanks topher… Anyone that has taken the CFAI sample exams: Which CFAI sample exams are the most representative/toughest? I am only going to be able to take one or two of the samples…

I thought there were only two… how many are there from CFAI then?

Hi, on a different note can you please send me the CFAI mock from prior year? my email address is thanks a lot!