CFAI Sample exams

Has anyone started taking the sample exams from CFAI yet? Not the mock, but the mini samples available for $40. I started taking one last night and it humbled the ish out of me (I haven’t finished yet, but there’s no way I get over 70% on it when it’s all said and done). Anyone else have any experience with them?

I had taken them in Level I and they were way easier compared to the mocks and the real exam. However, some questions were a lot helpful (similar ones appeared in the exam) so I am planning to take them again for Level II when I finish my review (I estimate that this won’t happen until mid - May).

I took the L1 sample exams also and I thought they were comparable to Schweser and did very well on them. The first sample so far is very tough.

I did one 2 weeks ago and got 38%! but that’s without doing any EOC questions…Let me know how you do

Out of curiosity, decided to take it after reading this thread. Quite the wake-up call.

ohhhh yeahhhhhh thats where the rubber meets the road youngbucks.

Ouch. I just finished it and ended up with a 47%. Quite a few of my mistakes were easily fixable, but it shows that they can test minutiae on topics that you think you know well and totally eff you.