CFAI Sample & Mock Exams: Scores Update

Hi guys, So far I’ve taken 2 of the 3 sample exams and 0 of the mock exams. Got 75% and 70% respectively, and finished 1 hr early on both. The questions don’t seem to be more difficult than Schweser. A lot less quantitative for sure. Some questions are very specific though so they really test your memory. I would say that is where the difficulty lies. How’s everyone else doing? And what do you think of the questions in terms of difficulty?

I’m kinda all over the place: Schweser: Book 1 - Test 1 AM: 74% Book 1 - Test 1 PM: 74% Book 1 - Test 2 AM: 69% Book 1 - Test 2 AM: 76% CFAI: Free Sample Test: 68% Paid Sample Test 1: 85% Averaging mid-70’s which I guess is alright, but I am still not as confident as I would like to be. Best, TheChad

Chad, Those are great scores! If you can score mid-70’s on Schweser, you should definitely be able to pass. Good luck!

where do you see 3 sample exams? I only see one.

At the top right, there is a dropdown menu. Select sample exams. Scroll to the bottom and you will find 3 sample exams. One is prepaid. If you click one of the other two, it will take you to a page asking for payment. For the mock exams, same thing. Go to the top right. Select mock exams from the drop down menu.

Thanks, I thought there’s only one free sample exam, 2 paid mock exams. A total of 3 exams. According to you, there’re more than 3 exams available on CFA website. Very good.

Yep. $40 each for the sample exams and $100 for both mock exams (unless you buy them separately, which costs $60 each).

Is there an option to print the test and then take it on paper? I find taking a computer based test a lot more painful than paper. thanks for the info.