CFAI sample questions

Is the CFA Institute changing for sample questions? According the the website, it’s $40 for the first set, $20 for the next. I recall for level I this was free. And forgive me if this has been answered already. Happy studying. Also on a side note; why would Schweser hold their live mock on the same day as the BSAS, May 22nd? C’mon now.

Yep, L1 was free last year, but there is a charge of $40 this year. I was surprised to see the charge as well.

This upsets me. Has anyone purchased it? Thoughts and feelings welcomed.

Heh Upsetting about the charge but I will pay for them. They are the closest thing to the exam that you will ever get.

Has anyone purchased these yet? If so, what are your thoughts on them?

I took L1 in 08, and I seem to remember the samples being $50 each and a second mock being $100. So from my perspective it seems cheaper actually, $60 isn’t bad if it helps you pass.

was definitely 1 free one for Dec 09 L1. I’m not paying for them, i’ll just take the free mock. Between CFA fees and schweser, i’ve spent enough on this shit at this point