CFAI Samples Vs CFAI Mocks

I have not taken CFAI mock but just took 2 CFAI samples. Though I was at exact 70% in both I found them to be sort of tough. Are CFAI mock exams same as CFAI samples? How much +/- would you say one would go from sample to Mocks. I am asking this coz I have heard that CFAI mocks are good representatives of actual exams.

I took the mock exam it has opened my eyes. The overall feeling is the test preparers can only play catch up game, but very close behind. . CFAI try not to increase the difficulties, that becomes hard to do by the day. The mock test has less stright forward single concept questions than Shcewser. . CFAI likes to test long multiple elements formulas, the effect of each element to the result. Should pay attention to the effect of concept, rather than stop at just know the concept. . Schewser book 6 & 7 does cover a lot of ground; book 7 format is similar to real format. Mock test questions are generally short. I feel book 7 still not complicate enough to mimic mock test. . Pay attetion to the new material added to 2008. . Sample exam just a sample, it offers the format, variaty of question styles, average length of question, the difficulty level of the questions. . Stay with this borad, you will find a lot of help and hints. . Last but not least good luck.

Thanks Dxr… So can i say that difficulty level of CFAI sample and mock is same?

It meant to be a representation of what CFAI will offer on the exam. But I would not settle with sample exam. This is the moment and perhaps have a good reason for it, go the great length to prepare for the exam.

I was told that the Mock Exams will be a better representation than Book 7 is of the actual exam! Book 7 was brutal; however, the Mock Exams were quite pleasant…