CFAI says you need 250 hours??

In fairness they said *at least*, but still it is not accurate. With the kind of questions you get, left and right, in and out, you do need to spend more hours than that. With the right background and above average study skills, I can assure you there is no way to walk in there assured of passing if you only spend 250 hours or so. I have already spent about 250 hours! Comments?

I have no background in finance and will probably have spent double that by the time the test comes on the 1st. I’m also still not even sure I’m going to be ready.

Dreary, investing more hours into studying will pay off. It will not only increase your chances of passing Level I and build a base for Level II and Level III. It will also help you gain and retain knowledge that you will use in the future. I have probably put around 250 hours as well.

250 well spent should be enough in my opinion. But I’d say these “x” amount of hours in the remaining 4 weeks count a lot more than hours spent in july, august, etc…

Dimes27, it seems like you are trying to introduce TVST (Time Value of Study Time). Interesting concept :slight_smile:

I guess 250 hours are enough if one is not suppose to retain “all” the concepts on december Ist. Revisiting & retaining stuff is taking more & more time. How much time you guys spend on AF?

Guys you are doing pretty good. I am officially going to start today for the study. I took the test in June as well with about 80 hours of study. and probably will be able to study about 120 hours this time. The thing which killed me last time was not remembering the formulas. Don’t miss on that.

by the end of this week ill have done abit over 250 hours… then I think ill get another 60 in before the exam (Ive got a week off work befor the exam), so probably will have 300 hours all up,

I have spent over 570 hours but frankly I am not ready for the test now … sigh … How about you guys? P/S: I have no background in Finance but I am doing an MBA in Finance.

i reckon it also depends on how productive those 250 hours are, and how efficient your study is… if you’re just mind numbingly reading/writing notes, or actively doing questions, participating in discussions, etc… but i guess thats too late now… im gonna try and squeeze an extra 70 hours between now and the exam

So how much have you spent for this exam?

i have no idea, havent really thought about it… i reckon about 2 hours every day (give or take a few days/weeks) since enrolment? maybe as much as 4 hours a day in the past month or so?

4 hours a day for the last 3 months and add the time spent on AF… :slight_smile: