CFAI Scoring / Tests

it really strikes me as funny the way the CFAI scores and tests us 25% - 40% : You guessed on everything - Fail 40% - 50% : You guessed on some stuff, but know some stuff - Fail 50% - 70% : You knew the material pretty well, but didn’t get past their tricks, you were not an ‘expert’ as they say in the material - Fail . . . but maybe pass (ie 66 - 69 range) 70% - 80% : You are an expert in most of the material, have doubts if you passed, but make the cut - Pass 80% - 95% : You studied for 1 year and are a lock - Pass

I was having similar thoughts on this too. I already got tired of checking results and counting if I got one more right or one more wrong. So far, they cancel each other out, and I still maintain the original outlook for the result (60% chance of passing). I already gave my best effort after Jan 28, 2009 when I received my LI result. I have No Reserves, No Retreat, No Regrets for L2 so far. If this “high-bar” is what CFAI defined, let me play with the rule. August 18 is the day – I pass, nice; no luck, do it again. Time to shift priorities now.