CFAI Site Down??

Anyone else having issues logging in?

Nope i am using it now

It is just insanely slow…ive been trying to get on for like 15 mins now. dont log out because its a pain to login

try to changing your browser i know it sound useless but it worked for me on mozilla

Nope I can’t get on either, been trying for 30 minutes. Perfect timing

I’ve noticed a couple of times that after I enter login and pass and hit login it keeps redirecting between 2 specific URLs indefinitely. If that’s your case, you are already logged in. Just type the exact address at what you are supposed to arrive after hitting login button, and you will be finally in your cabinet :slight_smile:

Yepp… the site is down… not working at all for me!!!

I called the institute… if you trying to get access to the admission ticket, they can email it!!! Everything else is just wait and watch…

This isn’t unusual. Normally the traffic to the site the last couple of days before the exam spikes and people have a hard time getting in or when they do it’s slow. It’s folks just trying to do the online topic tests or grab some material from the site. Usually it’s worst during the middle day and eases up later on.

ha ha reminds me of time on the results day when their server totally crapped!