CFAI Temptations...

After all this studying that I should be doing…I’m sorely tempted to use the CFA as a adjective or ever-so-slightly change the wording of the GIPS compliance statement…Born to be Wild!..but I know that would be wrong and I might wind up in big trouble for that and so I won’t. How’s this for an idea folks. CFAI should have some sort of “whistle-blower” insurance or something like that so that if they are unlucky enough to work for some unethical firm or boss, and don’t have a lot of money, then they should be able to seek alternative employeement without total fear of economic hardship. CFAI should take up a collection on their behalf. I know, in the real world this could easilly be abused so it won’t happen, but just a thought.

Misleading thread topic… I tought you would be talking about a new chocolate brand or something.

Sorry to mislead you. Was meant to be an attention grabbing headline for hopefully some light humor at CFAI’s expense. While most of their rules make a lot of sense, a couple, such as the two I cited above, seem a tad overly bureaucratic to me IMHO.

Hmmmm, basically according to Schweser you can get a CFAI summary suspension upon covered persons for “failure to return the annual professional conduct statement” but not for a “misdemeanor charge for the possession of illegal narcotic substances.” Whatever happened to Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say no to Drugs?”