CFAI Test FSA Page 276,277 Cash Flow Question

Hey guys, in the location mentioned in the subject, there is a cash flow statement showing Net Cash Operating 2606 Less Investing (538) Less Financing (2220) Leaves Net Decrease in cash of (152) How does the cash balance go to 1011 if the prior balance is already (1163) Why is it not (1163)+(152) =(1315)? This is not making sense to me - i guess its the indirect thing throwing me off. Thanks

Opening balance at beginning of the year (2006) = 1163 I think, it should be a positive balance, coz on page 274 it is taken as positive balance. CFO = 2606 CFI (used) = (538) CFF (used) = (2220) Cash at the end of the year = cash at the beginning of the year + CFO+CFI+CFF 1163+2606-538-2220 = 1011 Which ever method that you use (direct or indirect) cash balance will be same.