CFAI Test - What next

Hi Guys, I heard in the forum that test 3 and 5 are the most difficult. I took exam 3 and got 55%. Since then I worked like anything to work on the weaker topics and seeing my scores are improving . Now my question is should I take more of the CFAI test? Will it help me to understand more of the question patterns? Because my take on CFAI test was they are not much different from Schweser Q-Bank in terms of difficulty level and patters of the questions (any one with me on this). I’m through with most of 4000 questions from the Q-Bank, doing simulation test and scoring about 62% mark. Just trying to save some $$ here by not taking CFAI test. Thanks in advance.

You’ll do well on Saturday.

i’m in hari’s boat. this sucks

i swear…i think im the captain of that boat…so close to passing but not quite there yet…and i feel like its taking way more effort to increase my score by 5% than it did to get me where i am.

if you can afford the $50, i’d take more cfai sample exams. i saw major score increases after taking a few of them. i was hitting qbank like crazy and scoring well, but cfai questions are worded different. took me a couple exams to get the hang of it. could just be me though.

definitely need exam 5, cuz they are weird.

If they help you to pass, what’s the $50… you save at least $600 by not having to take this test again. And consider you can possibly finish as early as June 09 compared with June 10…