CFAI test......

First test i took… 63%… FAILED I wannay cry; i don’t remember all these lil definitions >.< and only 4 days to go!

Don’t cry. A lot of people are in the same boat with you. Paddle hard.

I feel the same way ancientmtk. That’s why I think if you can afford to take all 5 CFAI tests, you should. I took all 5 and made a note sheet detailing all of the tricky little answers that I didn’t remember from the texts, and that I never saw in any other practice questions. The thing that surprised me about their tests, is how simple most of the questions seemed. Like you said though, they seemed to test you on a lot of the little things that you would never suspect.

buddy i got a 58% on sample 3 after doing just fine on the Q-bank and Book 6 questions. i was down and freaked out that whole day, so i crammed like nobody’s business that day. but then i talked to a charterholder in my office and he said to try and take an avergae of 3 exams if possible, or take and average of the hardest i.e. sample 3, and the second hardest to be conservative to evaluate where i stand. ill prolly take sample exam 2 tonight, ive decided to give it all ive got and nail this sh**. if other people can do it, so can i, and so can you my friend! good luck!

Ancient, don’t panic. I scored the same as you in CFAI1, if that’s what you took. And then I scored 88% on CFAI2. I can’t believe the dispersion is, but it may be my imbalanced skill set :frowning: Just go back reviewing as much as you can and should be fine. hang on there! Steve

I can only invest in two CFA1 Sample Exams - What is the most difficult and the 2nd most difficult.

3 & 5

i think people on this forum have mentioned that 3 and 5 are the hardest. no mention of which one is the easiest but 2 seems to it, and 1 and 4 in between.

exam 3 and 5 are the most difficult. I havn’t taken 5 yet but I’ve heard its pretty difficult. In retrospect, after I reviewed what I did wrong in 3 - the test wasn’t that difficult - I know, I know, obviously it’s easier to say that afterward…but it’s pretty true. The questions were very straightforward, its just that they were testing on some ambiguous stuff i.e. LOS’s in schweser that were less than a paragraph long. I don’t think the CFA is necessarily out to get us. They simply reward those who studied hard, diligently, and didn’t simply memorize material.

Just to confirm… You lot are talking about the online ones?

maybe i need to up my probabilities, odds, mean and lower my standard deviation by a large amount…

66% on V3… 50% on ethics WTF :frowning: i thot i did well in this test… stupid careless mistakes…

why is exam 3 the hardest?. excepting ethics where i was all over the place, i found it to be straight forward.–even economics, i mean!! also,did cfai make a direct comment on the phenomenon of piracy in china -with the ethics questionin CFAI-3 EXAM about 2 chinese (sounding) cfa l1 candidates sharing photocopies of prep material?.maybe i am reading too much into it.

yeh i failed the first one aswell (68%)… but just took the 2nd test and got 80%… which was ok considering a REALLY failed FSA (50 something percent)…

Just did the 5th one… 88% Will be attemping the 3rd one sometime soon.