CFAI Text FSA end of Reading Q's - worth doing?

I’m busy slogging my way through the end of Reading questions in FSA and am finding them to be painful. I’ve already covered the material but have gone back to the questions. I’m just wondering whether or not to invest too much time in the questions? Or to focus more on the concepts within the readings? I certainly woudn’t expect to see any questions like these in the exam? (I hope!)

Don’t know the specific quextions you’re referring to but why on earth wouldn’t you expect CFAI to set exam qns similar to those in their books?

I know it was a lame question (hey its late) but I meant more those long wordy convoluted questions that involve you recreating the best part of a balance sheet or income statement. yuck…

The “end of reading” questions in FSA are definitely more wordy and convoluted than the actual exam questions, however going through them really helped me solidify the concepts (for example with DTA/DTL). I would recommend doing them as there is also some interesting information hidden in the questions or their answers.

i have a question similar to newsuper-- im reading schweser only, and during review plan on going through cfai text and reading the end of reading summaries and doing the questions. im sure doing all the questions are great, but if time (or opportunity cost of doing more relevant questions is a factor), is it better to just do the questions that are marked as old cfa exam questions rather than all the questions?

I think it is worth doing all the CFA questions. Or at least read every question and answer. Those questions are a good test of your understanding (they’re harder than Schweser in general). It’s only about 6 readings that have those long questions, but considering that FSA is worth 20% I am not leaving anything to chance!

thanks guys. this was a useful thread. ive just finished reading the schweser FSA notes and was planning to do the CFAi questions. will try reading through the long/compliacated ones instead.

Hej guys I have just registered for the CFA L1 exam june2009. I really dont know how should i start for it? which study material is proper? should i keep only on Schewser ( study notes and Qbank ) or that is not enough and other supplements are required ? For ethics… For Financial statements analysis… For economic part… Many thanks for any help and advise