CFAI text or Schweser first in study plan?

I am ordering my books tomorrow. I am assuming books will arrive within a week and then I am going to go at it. My dilemma is if I should start with Schweser, read the whole thing before Schweser class starts, then use CFAI text for weak areas…OR…read all of CFAI text first. Then when schweser class starts…supplement with Schweser for “review”. Any opinions on advantage/disadvantage one way vs. the other?

CFA text - longer, more detail Schweser - shorter, less detail

yes i know, but which sequence is better hahaha.

If you have time (and realistically speaking) you should finish the CFAI then do Schweser for review. I believe this option is do-able if you start your studying now (or soon) If you’re more pressed for time, go the other route.

As someone who failed this past June. I would make every effort to read and understand the text if you have the time. Get it done by Feb/March and you should be fine to use Schweser for review and practice exams. I passed level 1 in 12/07 so I only had about 3.5-4 months to study Schweser, and I didn’t feel that prepared for the exam. Your work experience and initiative might push you over the edge with Schweser but I wouldn’t bank on it alone. I’m growing more and more risk averse with program…

I use the two together. 1 - Read the Schweser LOS answers for the reading 2 - Read the CFAI Text for that reading 3 - Read over the notes from Schweser again, only this time adding little notes for areas that I didn’t think were well covered within the Schweser notes 4 - Study the Schweser Notes 5 - Work the problems in the CFAI Text 6 - Re-read the text and notes as needed The only Schweser product that I buy is the notes, and that’s how I use them. Seems time-consuming, but it seems to work for me. To each his own I guess. Good luck.

I guess the root of my dilemma is because for level 1 i just used Schweser and passed with flying colors. I did the same thing for level 2 and failed…band 8 of 10…so it wasn’t like Schweser completely failed me. I am just not sure if I can absorb the lengthy CFAI text. I am so far leaning towards reading at least 75% of the CFAI text…

That is pretty close. I would assume the more text the better, but it can be quite a lot.