CFAI Text Reading Questions?

For those that passed or have taken the exam: Are the practice questions at the end of each reading consistent with the questions on the exam? Are they much easier or more irrelevent? Are they suitable practice problems for the test?

test is nothing like the q’s at the end of the chapters. I think those q’s are more a recap for what you learned, but are pretty straightforward. You either know it or you don’t. The actual exam is much trickier and more conceptual then the books or Qbank for that matter dont get me wrong though, the q’s at the end of hte chapters should be done…just expect the test to a bit diff

Compare the end of the chapter questions with the end of the chapter questions that have the CFA logo next to them that are actually from the test. there you go, thats what the CFA questions look like and from my experience, it seems that the majority are conceptual (for hte work ive done so far). it shows that yes, anyone can fill in variables and solve answers with given formulas, but this test is all about knowing what all the inputs and possible outcomes are/mean

i think they prepared me well.