CFAI Text vignettes deceptively easy??

I started to go through the end of chapter problems in the actual text (equity) and many of the reading include actual item sets from past exams. I don’t want to jinx it, but they seem not so brutal- typically have 2 simple questions, another 2-3 that one can work through with a little logic, and a more challenging one. Overall more straightforward, and as has often been noted, less calculation intensive than schweser. Can any repeaters confirm if they reflect actual exam level of difficulty?? Many were from '06, so I cannot imagine they raised difficulty THAT much over the course of 2 yrs.

in my experience they aren’t as easy once you step away from the chapter you were in and allow time to pass. I took all of them at once from the Schweser book, a couple months after reading the CFA books, and found them challenging but fair.

rekooh : " took all of them at once from the Schweser book"… There are vignettes from actual past CFA Exams in schweser?? I think you misunderstood me- clearly any questions will appear simple straight after having reviewed the material, what I observed is that the exam vignettes in the CFA text were much more straightforward relative to schweser practice vignettes. No as wordy/tricky.

I agree, the CFAI questions on the exam or much more straightforward than Schweser.

Hello, Can I ask a dumb question? I finished reading Schweser book (book 1-5) and I don’t see any thing you referred as “past exam”. Am I missing something? Can you please let me know the specific book # and page #? Or do you refer to the practice exam? Many thanks.

it’s in the beginning of practice exam book volume 2. formerly known as book 7.

Got it. Thansk a lot!!

I am referring to the CFAI text that was included in registration. Some of the reading include actual past exam vignettes within the end of reading practice questions. Easy way to find them: Practice question pages are bordered on the outer page edges with blue ink so its easy to flip through those monstrous tombs and find them… additionally, the past exam vignettes have little “CFA XXXX Exam” logos running all along the page margin. Answer explanations in the back are helpful.