CFAI textbook defects

Hi all,

Recently ordered and received my CFAI textbooks for level 3. I was surprised to notice some odd defects in the books…For instance, there are some pages that don’t appear to have been cut properly - the corners of the pages just stick out. There are also some stray ink marks in various parts. Did anyone else notice anything like this?

I was also surprised to see that all 6 volumes do not have indexes in the back of the books…


Havent noticed any defects, but the mission of an index is interesting. Already missing it and havent even started reading…

I didn’t see any defects in my set. Maybe it was a missed quality control step on the batch your books came from?

Did you contact CFAI yet?

Was going to see if this occurred to anyone else first…Sending them a message now.

we dont believe you. send pics

Why don’t you call CFAI directly, address the issue? They are happy to help you and will resolve quickly.

where are the pictures??

I flipped through the CFAI textbooks again and realized it’s not as bad as I originally thought. I can live with a few torn pages and awkward ink marks across various charts…

EDIT : They said there will not be an index from now on. This was a new decision for the 2020 curriculum. They did not elaborate on why this change was made, but perhaps to save space and costs?


LOL - no index? GTFO.

I don’t know what’s worse though, NOT having an index, or having to put up with Schweser’s poorly constructed index. I made so many notes by hand to my index. I would write in my own words and page numbers for the 90% of the relevant words they omitted.

Good luck.

I think the index was very helpful for Level I, when you had just high-level questions about a wide variety of topics. But further on the material gets so inter-related. When I wanted to look for something I just used the search function on the e-book and looked into all areas where that given definition was mentioned, so I never used the index any more.

No index, what a bummer. Being able to quickly search for some keywords is crucial to learn and remember large amount of stuff.

CFA Institute, there are still nearly 9 months left, you can print Index summary and mail to whoever ordered print books, free of charge.

Funny, I’ve never consciously noticed indices for both Schweser and CFA books since level 1…