how on earth important could these books be for the coming exam??? do i need to take a glance of them during the last few days if i 've not picked for more than 100 pages and solely focused on schweser notes??

I would advise to read chapter summaries, if there is something unfamiliar which might be relevant to any of the LOSs in the chapter try to find that part. Also questions might be helpful. Although some of them are plan simple annoyance.

just do or remember the samples and exercises then.

I have read these books thrice(except BRICs, beh finance and few other crap mtl)and everytime I start reading something or other looks new to me… now is not the time to start reading these books for the first time. As sticky said, do the end of the chapter problems. they are really good compared to the stalla and schweser but it is not as difficult or twisted as the real problems in CFA exam. I agree that some of them are long but my own take is that it is not as complicated. the problem with real exam is they will dump you with a lot of data and the whole vignette will look monstrous. you may not have such problems here but they will definitely reinforce the concepts that you have learnt reading the material.