CFAI Today! Schweser Level Two not available until Early October

First, good luck to you level twoers and three-ers! I am sure you all did fine as you are all berry berry smart. That being said… Are you guys that just passed level one gonna get cracking on the CFAI books already? I see with my UPS Tracking number they should be here today! I primarily used Schweser but went to CFAI for Ethics and FSA. For the people that used SChweser last time and again this time. Are you going to wait until October to start hitting it hard?

Skip, Got mine today, too. For Level 1, I read CFAI until about half-way through FSA. Then I said “screw it” and bought Schweser. I finished the material with Schweser, and then I re-read all of Schweser again. I also hit the Q-Bank and practice exams pretty hard. Not sure if it was the best way to do it, but it worked for me. I plan to start with CFAI again, and hopefully I can get through most of it before switching to Schweser again. I will also use the Q-Bank and practice exams again. So pretty much what I did for Level 1…

i get mine tomorrow i think. i will start with CFAI, read it twice, then do scweser after christmas. 'flash cards and secret sauce beg in march

Got mine today and I’ll start using them on Friday. Not looking forward to the CFAI books but I can’t afford to wait until mid October to start. I’ll do Schweser’s online course and kill the Q-Bank. Same strategy as Level I. I must say the the Level II books are intimidating, unlike Level I.

i have not yet registerd but i borrowed one book from a level 2 freind while i am organising myself to register. Does anyone know yet if there are changes to the CFAI material? Am might be reading stuff that out of the curriculum.

Got the books today here. I am relying on CFAI text (like level 1) 100% and will start sometime in December!

Can’t wait to get my hands on the CFA Level II material. Am yet to register though. I will most likely use Schweser but only as a reference once I’ve already covered the entire CFA Level II curriculum.

you guys are behind : ) i already read 10% of the alternative investments book. I have gone thru 2 highlighters in < 24 hrs. i am doing an LBO model in my personal life so started with the AI book, which is REALLY good. lot of VC stuff, yada yada, learned this already in b school. i think the port mgmt section will rape me

anupamjain008, I don’t believe in advising others. But your strategy is close to suicidal. I will leave it at that.

hi, are there any lecture classes for Schweser ?? i mean somebody actually teaching u face to face … registered for level 2 today … not really sure when will i start ?? is’nt it too early to start guys ?? i mean i really restricted my social life for level 1 for 4 months … should nt we get a well deserved break … till atleast october >??? am i asking for tooooo muchh ???

beejeea Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > hi, > > are there any lecture classes for Schweser ?? > > i mean somebody actually teaching u face to face Schweser classes typically run either 14 or 16 weeks and start in mid-January (at least for the weekly classes). I’m not sure about the online ones, but at a minimum, they don’t start until the study guides are out.