CFAI Topic Assessments

Is anyone trying the Topic Assessments available on the CFA website? They are HARD! (Tried Quant, Portfolio Mgt, and FRA so far - FRA is definitely kicking my butt). Does anyone know if this will be a true reflection in terms of difficulty of what will be on the test? If this is any indication, I’m doomed :frowning:

From what I remember, those questions were equal to slightly harder than the exam last year.

They are taken directly from previous mocks which I have heard are pretty representative of the exam. Just keep working the problems, a lot of it is adjusting to the format of the questions. These have been really helpful for me.

Did you do the EOCs from the CFAI book last year in preparation for your level II exam did you find it was helpful or was just doing the Practice assesment more bang for your buck?


Thanks for your responses. I’ll keep working through them. Feeling very discouraged today but hopefully it will make a difference :confused:

I wouldn’t keep plowing through them if you’re not doing as well as you want. I would review the topic a bit, and then get back to the questions. Hopefully, you’ll see improvements on fresh, unused questions. But, that’s just my approach.

Blue box questions and eocs are the best bang for your buck.

Thanks for your fast reply =). Thanks for the advice!